Airtasker + IKEA

Airtasker did a trial assembly service for IKEA customers. We needed a solution that enabled shoppers in the IKEA store to easily post a task on the Airtasker platform. The solution had to be simple enough that they could leave the store with all the knowledge they needed to get their furniture assembled.

Product design

T-shirt design

Kiosk design

Coupons and flyers

Our goals

How can we provide a user friendly experience for IKEA shoppers to quickly get their assembly done on Airtasker?

How do we build trust in Airtasker for IKEA shoppers?

How do we educate new users about getting furniture assembled on Airtasker?

The designs

Suburb selection

IKEA product search


Task title and details

Budget and location


Learnings after launch and improvements

Product flow:

Needed to provide more education about what happens after the user posts a task - as shoppers left the store expecting everything was handled

Although initially we tried to keep the flow similar to our regular post task form, we had to simplify the flow to make it faster while in store and make the UI larger for ipad use

We started to give coupons out as well as flyers with more details so shoppers could handle the task themselves after they left the store


The initial kiosk designs were a lot more branded and displayed "how it works" copy. We found that because there was too much text on them - shoppers were skimming over the kiosks and not noticing they could get assembly done

We therefore simplified the kiosks - removed a lot of copy and updated the colours to standout from the surroundings