Airtasker — Better browsing

Our browse tasks page hadn’t been redesigned in 3 years, we were updating other aspects of the site and decided to use this opportunity to research what was important to our Taskers when they searched for work.

User research

UI design

Our goal

Find what was important to our Taskers - help them quickly find tasks relevant to them

Include new badging tasks - make it clear there are requirements for these tasks


How did our Taskers look for work?

What was important to them while browsing?

Were there any pain points, was anything missing?

Findings after testing

Amount of offers would play a role in whether they would offer on a task, but not comments

Often wished they could see the due date to quickly organise calendar

Happy to scroll through the feed, fear of missing out on a good task was high

Old UI

New browse tasks cards

New my tasks cards

All task states


Show the full task title

Show the due date

Make sure badged tasks are clearly displayed

Update UI to match the current styleguide

Less emphasis on avatar

Colour code tasks to help Taskers easily distinguish the state of their task