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Hi, hello

I'm Aarti

About me

I’m an Aussie product designer / dev living in London. Currently I'm at Monzo building a mobile bank 💪

I'm passionate about creating experiences that feel seamless, beautiful, and just work - while balancing user / business needs. I genuinley love bringing motion into my process to ensure I'm thinking about the whole picture and being a fairly straightfoward person, you won't ever find me speaking in jargon-y design terms. I'll bring the whole squad into design decisions (queue warm fuzzy feelings ❤️)

In my spare time, I create music in my bedroom, ride my bike around London's parks and watch terrible tv shows on netflix like a regular human 😎


I've worked on a variety of teams at Monzo, from making designers' lives better in the Design Platform team (building sketch libraries, a motion language etc) to working at making the overdrafts experience the best it could be for Monzo users. Case studies coming soon!

Product + Motion + Brand

Airtasker – Global Sprint (Increasing trust)

We conducted our first sprint in the UK, the global team came over from Australia and we sat down to discuss what what were the pain points we were facing after launch in the UK. My role was to support our UX researcher and provide prototypes.

Product + Research

Network Ten Media Website

A re-design of the Network Ten media website - this involved front-end for the whole site inluding creating a style-guide.



edapp.com is a website to promote Ed LMS, an App created at Creative Licence Digital. I was given the brief to improve the user experience of the site and to encourage visitors to try out Ed. I designed and did the front end for this website as well as the icons and creating the video in the header.

Front-end + Design + UX

SteakMate Japan

A super fun project to create a "kawaii" steak timer for MLA Japan. This included designing for the Japanese market in terms of UI as well as style.

Front-end + Design + UX + Animation