Hi, hello

I'm Aarti

About me

I’m an Aussie product designer / dev living in London.
Currently I'm at Spotify.

I'm passionate about creating experiences that feel seamless, beautiful, and just work - while balancing user / business needs. I genuinely love bringing motion into my process to ensure I'm thinking about the whole picture and being a fairly straightforward person, you won't ever find me speaking in jargon-y design terms. I'll bring the whole squad into design decisions (queue warm fuzzy feelings ❤️)

In my spare time, I create music in my bedroom, ride my bike around London's parks and watch terrible tv shows on netflix like a regular human 😎

Network Ten Media Website

A re-design of the Network Ten media website - this involved front-end for the whole site inluding creating a style-guide.



edapp.com is a website to promote Ed LMS, an App created at Creative Licence Digital. I was given the brief to improve the user experience of the site and to encourage visitors to try out Ed. I designed and did the front end for this website as well as the icons and creating the video in the header.

Front-end + Design + UX

SteakMate Japan

A super fun project to create a "kawaii" steak timer for MLA Japan. This included designing for the Japanese market in terms of UI as well as style.

Front-end + Design + UX + Animation