Airtasker — Global Sprint (Coupons)

We conducted our first sprint in the UK, the global team came over from Australia and we sat down to discuss what what were the pain points we were facing after launch in the UK.


Support Research

The problem

Why weren’t our coupons being used?

What were the painpoints our users were experiencing during our coupon flow?

The current solution

The add coupon option only appeared after you added payment details


We gave users a physical coupon and observed how they would use the coupons to post their first task, we grouped our findings below

How might we

Reduce the "constant question" around when the coupon will be used

Reduce anxiety around the payment taken from a personal account before realising the value of Airtasker

Reduce the length of realising the value/delight of the coupon


I tried a few versions trying to satisfy our how might we’s - we did a few variations which we continued to test

Add the coupon before posting a task and showing reminders that you have a coupon

What worked

Starting the flow with a coupon was reassuring to the user - eliminating the question of when they would use it

What didn't work

Ended up unnecessarily reminding them of the coupon - it was preventing some from moving through the post task flow easily

Adding the “-£10” of the coupon value to the task price confused everyone

Making “add coupon” visible before payment details - Winner!

What worked

Surfacing “add coupon” before adding payment details assured our users that their coupon was being used

Showing the total price being paid out of their card got rid of confusion on what they were paying for the task

What didn't work

The coupon was still being used fairly late into the post task flow